Connecting  frequency adverbs and daily activities

Connecting  frequency adverbs and daily activities

Updated September 12, 2023

Talking about your daily routine is an excellent way to start a conversation with native speakers of Spanish. In essence, frequency adverbs will modify verbs since they tell how often something is done.

The most common adverbs

A typical question In Spanish is “¿Con qué frecuencia…?” which means “How often?”. Generally we answer using the following frequency adverbs:

nuncarara vez pocas veces casi nuncaa veces de vez en cuando en ocasionesa menudo muchas veces generalmentecon frecuencia casi siempre frecuentementesiempre a diario constantemente

“Escuchamos  música con frecuencia.”     We frequently listen to music.

“Me ducho a diario.”                                     I take a shower (myself) every day.

“Se viste de negro muy a menudo.”                      She dresses in black very often.

To add more accuracy

To be more accurate when referring to frequency, we can use phrases like: “veces al día”  (number of times a day) or else “veces a la semana” (number of times a week). Take for example:

“Yo como tres veces al día.”                       I eat three times a day.

“Hago ejercicios una vez por semana.”       I do exercise once a week.

Where to put adverbs in Spanish

The position of Spanish adverbs depends on what the speaker wants to emphasize in a sentence. Therefore, they can be placed at the beginning, in the middle or else at the end of the sentence. Let’s see the following examples:

“Mis amigos y yo vamos al cine con frecuencia.” My friends and I frequently go to the cinema.

“Generalmente, me despierto a las seis.”            Generally I wake up at seven.

“Voy a la playa pocas veces al año.”                     I rarely go to the beach.

Now you know  that adverbs of frequency allow us to talk about how often we do certain things. Remember to take into account the percentage of frequency shown above to be more accurate when you describe your daily routines. If you really want to upgrade your command of Spanish, at Bright Lingua you can find the most dynamic sessions to put into practice this language. 

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