How to describe your house

How to describe your house

Updated August 24, 2023

We all know that the design, color or style of a house can reflect the people who live in them. Therefore, talking about your house can be a good opportunity to learn new vocabulary and recall some words that you might have heard before.


If you are someone who is organized and methodical, the chances would be that your house is “ordenada” > ”tidy” and “limpia” > “clean”. Apart from that, if you are married with a big family, your house might be “grande” > “ big” and  “espaciosa” > “spacious”. Finally, university students or single people will surely choose an apartment which is “pequeño” > “small” and “moderno” > “modern”.

Regarding the rooms of the house

When you visit a friend’s house or stay in a hotel, it is very useful to know how to say the different parts of the house. Let’s explore the rooms inside of the house in Spanish. There are “habitaciones”, “cuartos” or “dormitorios” which mean “bedrooms”. Take for example: “la habitación de invitados” > “the guest room”. You can also have a “salon” or “sala”, which refers to “the living room”, this is a place where you can  relax, watch tv or play video games with your family members. Another common area is the kitchen, in which people can eat, cook and spend time together or else there is a separate room which is called “comedor” where people have dinner or lunch. Finally, “el baño”> “the bathroom”, those are basically the main rooms of a house.

Expanding vocabulary

 dormitorio “bedroom”cocina “kitchen”comedor “dining room”baño “bathroom”despacho “home office”sala de estar “living room”
accionsdormir  “to sleep” descansar  “to rest”cocinar “to cook” lavar los platos “to do the dishes”comer “to eat” conversar “to talk”bañarse “take a shower” lavarse las manos “wash your hands”estudiar en línea “study online” trabajar remoto “work from home”ver television “watch tv” relajarse “to relax”
furniture  cama “bed” cómoda “chest of “drawers” mesa de noche “night table”cocina “cooker” lavadero “sink” refrigeradora “refrigerator” lavavajillas “dishwasher”  mesa “dinner table” sillas “chairs” florero “vase”  ducha “shower” lavadero “washbasin” toilet “inodoro”escritorio “desk” estante “bookcase” ordenador “computer”sillón “armchair” lámpára “lamp” alfombra “carpet”

Now you are able to describe your house and the rooms inside. If you really want to learn Spanish, Bright Lingua offers the most dynamic and meaningful lessons that can take you to a higher level and improve your communication skills in Spanish.

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