Improve your Listening Skills in Spanish

Improve your Listening Skills in Spanish

Updated January 17, 2023

Understanding Spanish when it is spoken is an important part of learning the language. Hearing the words used and being able to understand them quickly will improve your overall communication skills in your new language. Speaking and listening are often the most difficult parts of learning a new language if you do not have access to native speakers or opportunities to practice. Here are some ways to improve your listening skills in Spanish. 

Watch Spanish Language Films and Television

The best way to improve your listening skills is to hear native speakers speak the language. Movies originally in Spanish are a great way to hear Spanish speakers from around the world speak while gaining a deeper knowledge of cultures from around the world. You can also watch movies that are originally in English in Spanish on most streaming services. Re-watching a movie you already have seen can help you focus on the language in the context of what you already know is happening. For an additional layer of understanding, you can put on English subtitles so you can hear the words in Spanish while seeing their English equivalent. 

Speak to Native Speakers

Language learning services like Bright Lingua offer instructors who are native speakers. Having conversations with these educators in Spanish can be a huge benefit to improving your listening skills. Bright Lingua’s teachers can help you understand the language and how to better listen during a conversation. Asking questions during your conversation with native speakers can help you gain a better understanding of words and phrases. Your Bright Lingua educator can do wonders for your listening skills by slowing down the conversation and addressing your personal needs as you talk. 

Listen to Spanish Radio

Driving in the car is the perfect time to improve your Spanish listening skills. Almost every city in the United States has a Spanish language station. Tuning in can help you practice your listening as you travel. These stations often include conversations in Spanish from the radio hosts and a collection of Spanish music that is sure to have you dancing behind the wheel. Not only will you improve your listening skills, but you will also be exposed to Spanish music and culture as you drive. 

Put on a Spanish Podcast or Audiobook

Spanish podcasts and audiobooks are great resources when it comes to improving your listening skills. This content ranges in complexity, so you can choose a book or podcast that is at your level of understanding. Podcasts and audiobooks often give you the option to increase or decrease the speed of the audio. This is a great resource for when you need to decrease the speed of a conversation or story to better understand it. 

Expose Yourself as Often as Possible

The more you listen to native speakers, the better your listening skills will become. If you have the opportunity to visit markets or restaurants in Spanish-speaking communities, expose yourself to the language as often as you can.

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