Using means of transport

Using means of transport

Updated June 13, 2023

People are always in motion, especially the ones who love traveling or going around cities. Therefore, talking about transport is part of our everyday speech. Let’s have a look at some vocabulary words, questions and expressions used when we refer to transport.

Preposition “en” > “by”

The most common preposition used with most means of transport is “en” > ”by” and also “a” similar to “on”. Check the following phrases:

“en bicicleta” > by bicycle                  “a pie”       > on foot

“en bus”        > by bus                                   “a caballo” > on horseback

“en avión”     > by plane

Movement verbs  with transport

The verbs that Spanish speakers will typically use to talk about this topic are: “montar” > “to ride”, “ir” > “to go”, and  “venir” > “to come”. They could also use,  “trasladarse” > “to commute”  or “conducir” > “to drive”. Look at the following sentences:

“Yo conduzco un auto.” > I drive a car.

“María va al trabajo en auto.” > Mary goes to work by bus.

“Nosotros venimos en autobús.” > We come by bus.

“Los niños montan bicicleta.” > The kids ride a bicycle.

“Los agricultores se trasladan a caballo.” > The farmers commute on foot.

Useful questions

Generally people ask the following questions when they want to get further information about transport.

“¿Cómo te transportas?”                               ¿How do you travel?

“¿Cómo vas a la escuela?”                           ¿How do you get to school?

“¿Cómo vas al trabajo?”                                ¿How do you go to work?

“¿Cómo se trasladan los trabajadores?”       ¿How do workers commute?

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