Dealing with Present Progressive in Spanish

Dealing with Present Progressive in Spanish

Updated November 24, 2023

When Spanish speakers describe an action that is happening at the moment of speaking, they generally use the present progressive. To Identify this tense you can ask the question: “¿Qué  estás haciendo ahora mismo?” > “What are you doing right now?”.

How is it formed

As we know, the Spanish present continuous is used to talk about something that is happening now. It is   formed with the verb to be “estar” and the -ing form of the main verb. The -ing form of the verb is called a gerund; these verb patterns change according to their endings. Take a look at the following examples:

Verbs ending in “-ar”  change to  “-ando”                           Verbs ending in “-er” or “-ir” change into “-iendo”

“jugar”         “to  play”       “jugando”         “playing”              “comer”         “to eat       “comiendo”      “eating”               

“estudiar”     “to study”      “estudiando”    “studying”            “vivir”            “to live”     “vivendo”            “living”

How is it conjugated

The conjugation of the main verb “walk” – “caminar” would be as follows:

Yoestoy caminando         
estás caminando
Él /Ella/Ustedestá caminando
Nosotros(as)estamos caminando
Vosotros(as)estáis caminando
Ellos(as)/Ustedesestán caminando

Other uses of Present Continuous

Apart from reporting actions that are taking place now, there are other uses in which present continuous can have another intention or meaning. As it follows:

Things taking place in the  near future

“En un rato estamos yendo a verte””           > “We are seeing you in a while.”

Things that are repetitive and constantly happen.

“Siempre estás jugando en clase”               > “You are always playing in class.”

Things that are still true at the present.

Estoy trabajando en una tienda de ropa”   > “I am working in a clothes shop these days”

Now you are able to describe situations at the moment of speaking in Spanish. If you are looking forward to upgrading  your level of this language, at Bright Lingua, you can rely on the most engaging lessons and  the best native teachers.

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