Key facts to learn Spanish regular verbs

Key facts to learn Spanish regular verbs

Updated May 05, 2023

In most flexible languages verbs are conjugated. This is the case of Spanish verbs. The most basic conjugation patterns occur to those verbs that end in: -ar, -er and -ir. Here are some useful facts about Spanish verbs that will come helpful to know as you learn this language.

Basic forms of Spanish verbs

The most common basic form of Spanish verbs is the infinitive. This pattern is usually seen as the equivalent of “to” form of English verbs, such as “to eat” and “to sing”. Spanish infinitives always end in -ar, -er or -ir. However the conjugation changes to the type of verb whether it is regular or irregular.

Conjugations of regular verbs

Regular verbs follow a recurrent conjugation depending on their ending. Take the following examples: “caminar – to walk”,” comer – to eat” and  “vivir – to live” respectively.

-ar ending verbs: “Yo camino” – “I walk”, “Tú caminas” – “You walk”, “Él/ella/Usted camina” – “He /She /You (formal singular) walk” ,”Nosotros caminamos” – “We walk”  and “Ellos caminan” – “They walk” and “Ustedes caminan” -”You (plural form) walk”.

-er ending verbs: “ Yo como” – “I eat”, “Tú comes” – “You eat”, “Él/Ella/Usted come”-”He/She/You (formal singular) eat”, “Nosotros comemos” – “We eat” and “Ellos comen” – “They eat” and “Ustedes comen” – “You (plural form) eat”.

-ir ending verbs: “Yo vivo”- “I live”, “Tú vives” – “You – live”, “Él/ ella/usted vive”- “He/She/You (formal singular) live”, “Nosotros vivimos” – “We live” and “Ustedes viven” – “You (plural form) live”

Verbs without a subject pronoun

Spanish verbs are commonly used without a subject. An explicit subject is not necessary because the conjugation has a mark that denotes who is performing the action. To illustrate, “Canto muy bien” means “I sing very well.”, so it is not needed to add “Yo” -”I”. That is to say, subject pronouns are usually omitted.

Now that you are familiar with regular  verbs, you will be able to identify them more easily and follow the three basic conjugations to increase vocabulary. At Bright Lingua you can find personalized Spanish courses that can adapt to your needs. We offered the most dynamic method to learn Spanish actively in a wide variety of communicative contexts.

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