Let’s explore the Spanish superlatives

Let’s explore the Spanish superlatives

Updated December 14, 2023

Spanish superlatives are words, phrases  or structures that stand out  when a subject is at the top or at the bottom of a group.

Relative superlatives

Spanish relative superlatives express the greatest or least quality  degree among  others.When it comes to form the superlative. We must put the definite article “el.la,los.las” > “the” together with the word “más”> “the most” before adjectives:“el más interesante”>”the most interesting”.  Unlike English, when using Spanish superlatives , we sometimes can also  add a noun between  the article and the adjective so as to  be more specific.“el libro más interesante”> “The most interesting book” Take for example:

“New York is the most cosmopolitan city in The United States.”

La ciudad de Nueva York es la más cosmopolita de Los Estados Unidos.

Nueva York es la ciudad más cosmopolita de los Estados Unidos.

Absolute superlatives

These superlative adjectives are used to express the highest degree without comparing with other elements.There are two forms to express absolute superlatives. The first one involves using adverbs like:  “muy”>”very”, “sumamente” < ”incredibly”or “extremadamente”> “extremely”  which comes before the adjective. Another alternative could be by  adding  the suffix -isimo or -isima ro the root of the adjective . As it shows below:

“Este cable es muy largo” > “This wire is very long.”

“Este cable es larguísimo.” > “This wire is so long.”

“Maria es rapidísima para escribir.” > “Mary is so fast to write.”

“Esta situación es sumamente preocupante.” > “This situation is incredibly worrying.”

Prefixes to form  superlatives

There are some prefixes which are placed at the beginning of the adjectives to form superlatives..For example: : extra-, sobre-, super-, hiper-, re-, ultra- , archi- and  so forth.

“Este pegamento es extrafuerte.”< “ This glue is superstrength.”

“Su fuerza es  sobrehumana.”  “ His strength is superhuman”.

Now you are able to differentiate an object from a group by maximizing its qualities or minimizing them. At Bright Lingua you can get the chance to know more  about this subject. What is  more, you can access Spanish classes online to learn more about this beautiful language.

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