The Importance of Learning Spanish

The Importance of Learning Spanish

Updated February 16, 2023

For many, only speaking one language can hold you back from opportunity. Whether in your work or personal life, learning Spanish can help you communicate with others and have a more complete understanding of language in general. Learning Spanish can open doors for you all while enhancing your memory and greater cognitive function. 

Increase your Ability to Communicate

Learning a second language can help you communicate with more people around the world. But, did you know that Spanish is the second most spoken language with over 572 million speakers worldwide? Learning Spanish can help you speak with and understand more people. The more people you can communicate with, the more people you can meet, and the more friends you can make. Being able to connect with over 500 million new people can open up all kinds of doors for you. 

Become More Employable for the Jobs you Want

A study conducted by New American Economy in 2017 found that the need for bilingual employees has doubled since 2010 for both entry-level and highly skilled positions. Learning Spanish can help you become more marketable to potential employers. Learning a language can help you get promoted in your current career as well. Bilingual employees are more likely to be promoted to managerial or administrative roles because they can communicate with clients and colleagues who speak multiple languages. 

Improves Cognitive Function and Memory

Learning Spanish can help train your brain to work more efficiently in every other area of your life. Studies have shown that learning a second language is great for brain function and can increase your working memory greatly. Some studies have even shown that learning a second language can decrease your risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s as you age. Picking up a second language forces your brain to make new neural pathways and strengthen those that are already there. 

Get a Glimpse into Rich and Beautiful Cultures

Spanish is the primary language spoken in both Latin America and parts of Europe. Learning Spanish can help you get a glimpse into dozens of new cultures around the world. Understanding a place’s language can help you appreciate the people that inhabit that place. Gain better insight into food, art, and business. Learn more about global communities that are rich with beautiful cultures. 

The Perfect way to Learn a New Language

Bright Lingua is a new and innovative online learning platform that can help you learn the Spanish you need to be successful in daily life. With tons of options, Bright Lingua gives you the choice of how you want to learn. With the help of Bright Lingua’s native-speaking teachers, you can learn Spanish in the way that fits you best with Spanish Advisory classes, a set Spanish curriculum, or conversation practice with a native speaker. Bright Lingua is a fresh new way for adults to learn Spanish without the tedious process of traditional language learning. Give yourself the opportunities that come with learning a second language with Bright Lingua.

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